Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rujuta Diwekar- You rock!

Kareena Kapoor and me share yet another thing besides our birthday right down to the year, and that is our love for 'Rujuta Diwekar'. Of course that we are both hot goes without saying ( me hotter naturally!). Ok, I feel a lot of eyes rolling and as my supporters might be in the minority here given that Bebo was voted the sexiest lady in the world in a survey done by maxim, I will just shut up. (and before you ask me to share the list of my supporters, I admit that it is a one member club which includes 'me'!!). Just another thought, this star sign thing must actually work then...quite a few things common between us, eh?!! ;)

As usual digressing from what I started off to say. To my defence, its not only the destination which is important but also the I love to beat around the bush and then get to the point because the beauty is in the details, isn't it? :) Will need to rewind a bit and provide a li'l background here, so ages ago when I used to be a teenager, I could eat anything and everything and I was as thin and lanky as a well fed somalian :) Till my mom had control of my diet, I was the envy of quite a few friends and family who would go on asking me if I was' dieting?' and then presuming that 'I was starving myself to have a frame like that'!

Then work, business trips and marriage happened. Missing breakfast as there was no mom running after me to feed me (yes, as much as I would crib and throw tantrums then on 'pl just leave me alone', looking back that was pure and simple bliss.) became the norm, lunch meetings with loads of calorific food (they bait to tempt an employee to sit in for a meeting during lunch) and dinner of course was the indulgence meal after a long hard day of work and relaxing of course meant eating out in a nice and fancy restaurant with friends and lot of nice wine and cocktails. So, you see where I am going from here, right? The result was that the waist size inevitably rose and so did the needle on the weighing scale.

So realisation struck when old clothes refused to fit and I had to go for shopping trips (which was great but not when you have to slowly and steadily shift from S to M to L). So, unknown to sweat and toil of working out, I made my first trip to the gym which meant that wow, since I am now exercising, I am ENTITLED to that piece of cake, bottle of Thums Up/Coke, Mocha Frappuchino and the most awesome thing in the world, Chocolate! So, it was no wonder, I stayed where I was!!

Then, I delivered my baby and was up another few kgs and all the the fat rich food that is offered post maternity made my head reel and I remember crying when I was asked to eat it as I was so petrified, I will be a fat and non sexy mother. However, I had to succumb to the team called 'mothers' (including my mom in-law) as they manipulated with my husband to feed me what they deemed an appropriate post delivery meal. After all the fuss settled down, I resumed my workouts which now included walkathons with a buggy in tow and started researching all the cool diets which I could go on to reduce weight. Some of the tools/diets I used included:

- Calorie count: Counting every morsel of food like I was in a ration store,
- GM diet: Day 1-just fruits, day 2-just vegetables, day 3- fruits and vegetables, day 4- Banana and milk and liberal quantities of the wonder cabbage soup, the madness was supposed to get easy on the last 3 days but I decided I couldn't stand the torture any longer.
- Good old giving up something during 40 days of Lent: I gave up chocolates on one occasion and sweets and fried food on another. Successfully completed the chocolates one, but post the 40 days, made up for it with a vengeance and the second time around, I came up with so many work arounds for my sweet treats that I was not fooling anyone, so gave it up on day 5!

Then a friend suggested a book, 'Don't lose your mind, lose your weight' authored by Rujuta Diwekar. For the uninitiated, she is the most popular and celebrated 'diet' Guru in business today. Kareena Kapoor acknowledges and credits Rujuta for her much talked about 'size zero' figure. Normally I would never bother as I am of a notion that self help books are for losers, but then again, being on a sabbatical from work and having nothing better to do, I ordered the book. When I started reading it, I didn't stop till I finished it. Not only is the book brilliant with all its content and examples but also Rujuta makes it such interesting reading with her easy going and for lack of a better word, 'bindaas' attitude. It is 'gyaan' nicely and carefully packaged so that it does not feel like it. It feels so simple, so intuitive and so logical that I couldn't wait to get started on my new food journey. Yes, a diet book which tells you to eat and not only that, every two hours at that and not some horrible, nasty and unedible crap but mostly your favourite food with some healthy modifications. So generally my key take aways were:

1. Do anything but don't ever ever ever skip breakfast and eat within 10 to 30 mts of waking up to jumpstart your metabolism.
2. Eat every 2 hrs thereafter and eat your last meal about 2 hours before going to bed.
Watchout World...Here I come ;)
3. Eat everything you want to your heart's content as long as you eat it at the right time of the day ( try reading the book to get the hang of this bit, some useful tips here). Obsessing about something and actually not eating it makes you fat anyways!
 4. Age old Indian methods of cooking in Ghee, eating dried fruits including cashewnuts, drinking water in copper/ silver glasses and many more like this are still relevant today and have benefits which should not always be ignored vs. low calorie junk that the so called heath companies market.

After this, I feel like a 'new and improved' person (I really dont care about how much I weigh, although I do check the weight machine every now and then, but that is more out of habit then anything else) and no, I am not getting any commission from anyone on writing the above bits :)

So Rujuta, take a bow for dishing out a book which makes eating fashionable. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and eagerly await your next one on exercising!! Oh, and if I do become a celebrity blogger ever, I will charge you a commission for this :)


  1. we had arranged a workshop with Rujuta in chennai, last year.. She is a rockstar.. I had a one on one discussion with her from the airport till the venue.. The way she converts you to believe in wat she saying is right is spectacular..
    I can proudly say she exsists on my bb list ;)
    Her husband is equally good. He arranges these trecks to the Himalayas and Rujuta herself goes for it every year..

    1. That's awesome! I would love to meet her someday and perhaps do the trek too :)

      For now, awaiting her third book on the science of exercise.

  2. Superb! Enjoyed reading your blog and could relate to what you have mentioned in your blog as Iam also a mother of twins and a huge Rujuta Diwekar fan! Her books have brought about a huge change in the way I look today!

  3. very nice blog.. i am also a huge follower of rujuta. The biggest lesson for me has been about quantity of eating. If I ever overeat due to friends, relatives, mom...I always think of Rujuta - oh my god what Rujuta would say. That keeps me from overeating :)

  4. Thanks a lot Padma! Yep, moms especially always make one overeat because of they simply heavenly food. Also, i guess it' s they way of pampering and showing love. Will be meeting my mom soon and your tip will sure be handy :)

  5. Your blog is really superb n encouraging. I m also one of rujuta's fan had read her books n also eagerly waiting for her book on exercises. I could also relate to what u have mentioned in your blog enjoyed reading it

    1. Dharana -Thanks very much for the support! Appreciate it :)

  6. Have any of you lost significant weight or size?

  7. Hi Aaji,

    Lost about 5-6 kgs! Of course a trip to India and a couple of weddings did some damage but back on track and never felt better :)

    Hope it works for you too! Let me know how it goes.


    1. Hi, Can you share your one day diet plan? When not in India, how do you manage Indian Cow Ghee? Do you eat local (so American) or follow your genes ( so Indian). Do you work out a lot? And, when we say mix cardio and weight, do you do both on one day? Thanks in Advance, :) Congratulatinos on your success

  8. hey I m In US and forgot my book in India so need the Diet combination she mentioned in the book like 3 things for lunch n 2 things for dinner..n snack options ..plzz do let me knw that as i need to lose 10 lbs...thanx

  9. superbly written article. enjoyed reading and I love what Rujuta writes. She is very Indian and so it is easier for us to relate to what she says - Rekha Mahadevan